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I was a child of the 70’s who grew up in the UK,  and if you were lucky enough to be around then you will already know that the main things that occupied your time as a child was, BMX bikes and playing Arcade games. We were lucky to grow up in a time when playing games also consisted of actually going out of the house and meeting your friends and playing what was then, the cutting edge of technology for 10p.  It may seam strange to people that are younger then myself that Arcades were to be found at every town in the UK during the 80’s, and by this I mean a proper Arcades that were full to the brim with game cabinets with not a bandit in site.


You can find a lot of information on the web on the demise of the Arcade’s going into great detail of why the industry went tits up when it did, and some of the sites are contained in the links section of this web-site.



The only thing that matters now is that there are no “proper” Arcades left. Sure, you can fly to Disney land in Florida and apparently there is a classic arcade tucked away somewhere, but that’s no go for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like modem games as well, but modern games are a different type of game to Classic Arcade games. By Classic, I’m taking about when game-play kept you going back with a plastic bag full of 10p for more.

Kung-Fu Master a Classic of 1984 :-)


Today’s games are typically played in the comfort of your own home on such advanced hardware that you could strip the console down and use it to guide nuclear war heads (and I’m not joking….)


MR Do! - Christ, one hard game.......

Today’s games themselves are fundamentally different from what we played in the early/mid 1980’s.Their main task was to induce you to play the game, and then to kick you off as quick as reasonably possible,  for you to place another 10p in the slot to try again. Modern games that run on console are quite different. They rely on very long game play running into many hundreds of hours to complete the game. They even let you save your game on a game card for Christ sake!



So we come to the purpose of this site. My aim is simple, to provide you with enough information either directly or via links to other peoples efforts, to let you know how to create your own games-room. If you have not got enough room to have a dedicated room, when at lest how to play the games of your youth on a PC.


Of course its nostalgia gone mad, but I don’t care…

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Yes, we did live like this !



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