MAME Game-Card


One of the beauties of MAME is that you can play your favourite games where-every there is a PC. All you need to do is stick in a CD into the drive and away you go. Some things to watch is that it?s probably best to use the Windows version of MAME called MAME32. This has a GUI front-end and is very easy to use. Some of the latest versions of MAME32 saves some entries to the registry so be careful.

This is where the MAME GAME-CARD comes in. I made a list of my all time favourites games that I like to play along with the art files that go along with the games (the Marquee, Adverts for the games, etc). I then got hold of some CD-R's that are the same size as a business card. I then burnt the MAME32 program files, and the ROM images along with the art-files on to the CD. I can now carry the CD in my wallet and stick it in any PC with a CD drive and play the games.

Niceeeeeee ;-)

The games that I have on the MAME Game-Card are:-

Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Arkanoid
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Tetris
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Bombjack
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)BubbleBobble
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Circus Charlie
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Commando
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Defender
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Donkey Kong
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Mr Do's Castle
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Elevator Action
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Galaxian
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Green Beret
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Ghost 'n' Goblins
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)GoldenAxe
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)HyperSports
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Space Invaders
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Kung-Fu Master
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Mr Do!
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Ms Pacman
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Outrun
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Pacland
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Pang
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Phoenix
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Popey
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)PacMan
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Rastan
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Roc 'n' Rope
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Rygar
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Street Fighter II
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Shinobi
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Super Pang
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Time Pilot
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Track and Field
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Wonder Boy
Bluearr.gif (140 bytes)Yiear Kung-Fu

Now these are what I consider some of the best Arcade games every created, and the complete size on CD with the MAME32 program to run them is 22MB. That's it, nothing more and nothing less! It has been ZIPíd up to make the download less painful, and thatís 16MB.

36 games equal 36 Rom images. To run these on your computer (and to keep in the law), you will need to own the original PCB ?

Please make sure you also own the original PCB?s before you download the stuff.

To download the MAME GAME-CARD, click